Therapy Process

We aim to make our support easily accessible and transparent. We work with previously determined evaluation moments while maintaining flexibility for each individual’s pace and process. The therapy process generally involves the following steps:

  • You can refer via this website, e-mail or phone.
  • We will contact you to briefly discuss the support needs and how CalmMind can offer the appropriate support. If therapy is advised, an intake is planned with you.
  • The intake usually takes 90 minutes; during the intake we get to know each other and we discuss the support needs, the support goals and the following steps in the process.
  • We will write a therapy plan including the goals we discussed during the intake, the frequency and amount of sessions and when the evaluation will take place.
  • If needed and with your consent, we will contact school and you general practitioner if this will benefit the therapeutic process.
  • Following the first evaluation moment a decision will be made together whether more support is needed or if the support can be rounded off.
  • If more support in needed, we will agree together how many sessions are predicated to be necessary.
  • If the support can be rounded off, on request, a short evaluation report can be written. If desired and with your consent, the school and your general practitioner will be informed and the file will be closed.

In the event that CalmMind is not the right fit for your support needs, we will support you with finding the right practice/organization for your needs. We will discuss what the options are for CalmMind to actively find the appropriate support for you.